03 Nov 2016, por taxonomedia en Investigación y proyectos

Actually, I am working for D-FUTURE  at the Arts & Humanities Departametn of the Open University of Catalonia. The research project Future Practices: Spaces of Digital Creation and Social Innovation (D-FUTURE) focuses on the study of social innovation processes rooted in creative, artistic and technological experimentation with and through digital media.

The starting point of the project is that the notions of the future have a decisive influence in the processes of digital creation. Additionally, these notions of the future have an important role in the narratives that accompany the development and implementation of digital media. The future matters. We take a great part of our decisions thinking about how we want our life in the future; we want to know and we want to anticipate the future: preventing risks, weighting the possible difficulties, imagining different ends…. At the same time, we project into the future our hope, fears and dreams. Moreover, the future is an increasingly prominent factor in our life together. In a context of crisis, being able to imagine a future is the first step out of it. In a moment of confusion and uncertainty, the future appears as a driving force to build up new collectives.

Particularly, I am in charge of the website and the visibilization of the process and the outcomes of the project, while at the same time I am trying to develop an ethnographical ddevice to study archives (together with colleague and friend Débora Lanzeni).






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