The Dynamics of Archiving

27 Mar 2017, por Vanina Hofman en Destacados, Noticias




. Ernesto Oroza
. Simone Osthoff
. Red conceptualismos do Sur
. Manu Luksch
. Anna Ramos, Memorabilia podcast series
. Daniel G. Andújar


. British Library’s 140 Years of Recorded Sound vs. Centuries of Sounds
. Rhizome’s Net Art Anthology


. ISEA 2017, Bio-creation and Peace
. xCoAx 2017, Lisbon


. “Fanon” (Even the Dead are Not Safe), the exquisite corpus
. Climoji, climate change emoji set
. Lauren, the best possible AI assistant
. Harvest, clean cryptocurrencies for climate change
. Positions of the Unknown, speculated satellites
. Oh my ( ), the Twitter of Babel
. Polyhedra, an orchestra of speakers
. Æter, it can hear, it can play.
. (Un) Measurements 2#, the weight of repetition
. Relief, echolocating mirrored sounds
. Maraboutage 3D, printing moral voodoo dolls
. WiFi Tapestry, waves affecting objects’ nature
. Quantum Lattice, perception and observation
. The Intelligent Guerilla Beehive, bee careful
. Projektor, the value of an analogue copy


. Julien Mailland / Minitel: Welcome to the Internet
. (edited by) Garnet Hertz / Disobedient Electronics
. Benjamin Peters / How Not to Network a Nation
. Melani de Luca / Post-Butt, The power of the image
. (edited by) R.Catlow, M.Garrett, N.Jones, S. Skinner / Artists Re:thinking the Blockchain
. Norie Neumark / Voicetracks
. Margie Borschke / This is Not a Remix
. Robert Strachan / Sonic Technologies
. VV.AA. / Sonic Meditations
. Norie Neumark / Song Cycle (Vol.1)
. (edited by) R. Modrak and M. Ghidini / #exstrange
. (edited by) T. Beyes, M. Leeker, and I. Schipper / Performing the Digital
. J. R. Carpenter / The Gathering Cloud
. Sophie-Carolin Wagner / Poietry
. (edited by) Barbara Cueto, Bas Hendrikx / Authenticity?

cd reviews:

. Claire Tolan: SHUSH Tones:
. Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec: Outlines: Errant Bodies
. New Routines Every Day: You Never Know What Is Enough…: Pulver und Asche
. Tegh: Downfall: Midira
. Nad Spiro: Sirius Signals: Farpoint
. Orson Hentschel: Electric Stutter: Denovali
. Mei Zhiyong, Dave Phillips: MeiZhiyong Dave Phillips: Urbsounds Collective
. Vlad Dobrovolski: The Drums Of The Fore And Aft: Kotä
. Tarab: An Incomplete Yet Fixed Idea: Aposiopèse
. Luca Forcucci: The Waste Land: Crónica
. Jim Haynes: Electrical Injuries: Aussenraum
. Katharina Klement: peripheries / Sound portrait Belgrade: Gruenrekorder
. Maria Salgado & Ixiar: 20.20: DSS2016
. Le Forbici di Manitù: GPS / GaPS: BAU / Sussidiaria
. Anne La Berge: Raw: Unsounds
. Astrid & Ephraim Wegner: Feldstudie Göppingen: Verlag Kunsthalle Göppingen
. Anthony Pateras / Erkki Veltheim: The Slow Creep Of Convenience: Immediata
. Curated by Frank J. Oteri: Anthology of Lithuanian Art Music in the 21st Century: MICL
. Francisco Meirino & Miguel A. García: Nonmenabsorbium: Idiosyncratics
. Fabio Perletta + Asmus Tietchens: Deflections: Aufabwegen


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